Divergent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first I didn't expect too much of this book, all the people say this book is like the Hunger Games, believe when I say you that this book and The Hunger Games have nothing in common but the kind of theme that they treat, dystopia.

When I was reading the first chapter I was a little confused, I was surprise by the way the author deals with some problems that all dystopian books have such as the laws or the way the goverment works, even more important, the way that the people of the world that she have created think.

One thing that I really love from this book are the characters, my favorite one with no doubt it's Four, an amazing character that it's by far better than Gale from the Hunger Games, his personality and developed throught all the plot.

Tris is as well an awesome female star but I will wait to the next book to finally decide if is as worth as Katniss like a female leader.

In short if you haven't read this book I don't what are you waiting for, You will love it from the beggining to the end. You would not start reading this book with preconded ideas just enjoy and don't be surprised if you finish this book in only 2 days.

PD: I'm in love with Tris and Four romance,it's just amazing and so cute what I think it's a goo point for this book,I'm such a romantic I can't stand action books without a bit of love